Removable Tassels {pillow fringe}

This weather elicits in me a deep desire to nest, cuddle, and create under thick blankets// perfect yarn and crochet weather. I whipped out a bunch of yarn tassels last week and knew what my first project would be: adding some color to my recent Gurli pillow cases from Ikea {a great deal at only $3!!}.

Pillow + Tassels5.jpg

The best part about these tassels? They are removable!   That's right; these white cases can be popped in the washer without the tassels getting frayed or banged up. Here's the scoop:

Pillow + Tassels1.jpg

Once you've gathered your materials, thread one end of the tassel through the yarn needle and pull through the front panel of one corner of the pillow.  

Pillow + Tassel2.jpg

Next, pull the yarn through the back side of the case. Pull both yarn strings inside the case and tie in a bow. 

Pillow + Tassel3.jpg

Ta-da! Removable tassel #1 complete. Do the same for the following 3 corners.  

 A closer look at a tasseled corner.

A closer look at a tasseled corner.