State Silhouette Pillow {DIY}

I have a small stash of vintage linens. They are neatly folded and in a special case in my craft room.  But I want to use them more. And more. So, this week I pulled out a few favorite prints and made some Indiana State Silhouette pillows {with heart pockets}// because who doesn't love little notes in a pillow??

state pillow.jpg

To make a state pillow you will need: 
      *Fabric for state silhouette & coordinating fabric for pocket
      * Poly stuffing
      *State shape template to your size preference {I found my shape online and      
        enlarged it to the size I wanted}.

Cut your state silhouette fabric with sides facing. Cut a heart shape in coordinating fabric with right sides facing. Sew around the heart's perimeter, leaving a one inch opening on the side, turn out and iron. Sew the heart on the front piece of state silhouette leaving an opening on the top and closing the seam used to turn heart out. Stitch the state silhouette together with right sides facing, leaving a 3 inch opening to turn out. Stuff and hand stitch opening closed. 


3 state pillows.jpg

If you love silhouettes as much as I do, check out my Burlap + State pillow, Moose + Bear Silhouette Hoop art, State Silhouette Mats, or my State Wall hangings.

 Found this darling print at Goodwill in a twin sheet for $4!! Happy find!

Found this darling print at Goodwill in a twin sheet for $4!! Happy find!

The pockets allow for notes of encouragement, love, or remembrance to be placed and left for your loved one. With the gifting season just around the corner, these would be a thoughtful handmade present for a loved one; slip a gift card in the pocket and voila, even a teen would love it! 

Let's create!
xox- susan

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