A simple word can awake in us a desire, an inner struggle for more than what is seen in bleaker days that wrap us up and whisper bitter lies. 

Hope. Sweet hope.  

 Sewing hoop + colored yarn + tags.

Sewing hoop + colored yarn + tags.

I HOPE for days with more patience, more love, more faith to live out the life I was called to live. Not your life or my neighbor's life; not the life of wasted days played out minute after day after month through entertainment venues. Not a life of empty comparisons. A HOPE-filled life. 
Trusting the Maker through the rough patches and dry places. 
Creating with a purpose. To love others and share in the blessed JOY of community. 
Living and loving daily even though....
Because Hope is alive. I will rest in that. 

I am a visual learner, so I found some FREE Hope printables to encourage YOU! Check out Couches and Cupcakes for the links to the super cute chalkboard prints. 


Chalkboard printable collage.jpg

Happy Monday, Friends! 
xox- susan