Vintage Linens to Napkins {DIY}

My eyes have grown accustomed to searching out vintage bed linens at local shops and thrift stores. Some days I am lucky, other days, not so much. But last week, a sweet friend brought me a few pillowcases she found while cleaning out her linen closet. Big score for me {happy dance and clapping hands ensued}. I was able to use the fabric from ONE of the pillowcases to make 8 dinner napkins.  

vintage Napkins.jpg

I cut the case apart and made 10"X10" squares. There was enough material from the vintage pillowcase to make 8 squares. Then I used some coordinating fabric to make backs {with the same dimensions} for the napkins. I sewed the squares together, faces together leaving a 2 inch opening for turning out. Once the fabric was turned out, I ironed and sewed the perimeter {being sure to close the opening I used to turn out} of the napkin with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. 

dinner napkins.jpg

It's the season for family meals and time around the table: I am sure these napkins will come to good use. {{My daughter was shocked I would even think of letting one of my messy kiddos wipe their mouths on these beauties:}}  

napkin set.jpg

A simple make-over of an old pillowcase makes for a quick set of dinner napkins. With the holidays fast approaching, I may make a few more batches of these as gifts.  

Have a Blessed week, Friends,
xox- susan