Thrifty Vintage Finds

Some of the Vintage shops in my area want to charge a fortune for some junk items that are fun and funky, but really, still old and worn. I don't go for that. If I am going to buy some junk, it's gotta be reasonably priced and in decent condition for the purpose intended. And these sweet finds from thrift stores fit my idea of Thrifty Finds:

thrift finds.jpg

Hand- crocheted afghan: $4. I couldn't pass this sweet thing up. I really didn't need it, but I loved the colors and understood the hours of time it took for someone to lovingly change colors, row after row. And then, I saw this sweet tag sewn on the edge and I was hooked. 

 Thank you, Shannon! It is still being loved!

Thank you, Shannon! It is still being loved!


Brown cable-knit sweater: $4. Made in Italy and in great condition. Enough said.
 Green floral sheet: $2. I've already made a State Silhouette pillow from a piece// love this print!!
 Vintage Thermos: $2.  I loved the colors + design!
Classroom Globe: $3. My sister saw it first, and graciously allowed me to have it! Because a girl can't have too many globes, am I right?!?!
Clock: $3.  Originally, it was a brassy color, so I spray-painted it this soft blue. It is in my daughter's craft area. 

Not a bad haul for less that $20.  

This week may mark cooler weather joining us in the Midwest, so my new sweater may get it's Fall inauguration!  {hoping, hoping, hoping}

Blessings to you!
xox- susan