Boo-ing in the neighborhood

We live in the kind of neighborhood that I used to think only existed in 50's television shows. We have an annual 4th of July Parade going through our neighborhood with the local fire department blowing their horns, while our children follow on decorated bikes gleefully riding the circle, culminating in a pitch-in BBQ at our community pool; there's an annual pool party and tent sleep-over in the neighborhood park marking the end of summer; today was the annual hay ride and hot dog dinner. And really, that's just a small bit of the LIFE that happens in our little hood. We know one another. We help one another. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! 
This month is also known for the "You've Been Boo-ed" tradition. We love making small Fall treat bags, filling them with goodies and delivering them stealth-like to unsuspecting neighbors. 

 Paper cones filled with chocolate and cheese-y puffs.

Paper cones filled with chocolate and cheese-y puffs.

The kids and I filled these cones with the requisite junk food and rang doorbells and ran {well, the kids ran while I waited in an idling car around the corner}. 


We made three cones, filled them with goodies, and added some Boo paperwork that describes what they are to do: make 2 treats, deliver them and place the Boo sign on the door, so future Boo-ers don't mark your house for another Boo treat. By the end of October, the signs are all over the hood, marking the sharing and caring that happens here. Good stuff. 

boo cones.jpg

If you haven't participated in this yet, give it a try. It really is contagious & FUN. The internet is FULL of free printables to use, so check some out and give it a try; there's still time left!! 

Be a Blessing,  
xox- susan