Our {Fall} Entry

While growing up in our little apartment, it was not uncommon to come home from a friend's house and find a room rearranged and feeling new. My mom would get bored with the arrangement of furniture or wall hangings, and a couch would move to a new wall, lamps were rotated through the rooms and end tables would be swapped out. We didn't have a lot to work with, so it was amazing that every time she rotated our inventory, it felt like we lived in a new place// all without costing a dime.  

Those childhood memories came flooding back this week as I moved my entryway furniture around for a little change.  

entry signs.jpg

The Lightbulb sign was from a summer trip to Michigan; I'm so glad this is the first welcome a guest to our home receives. The little pen sketches of homes were found at a thrift store. And the Joy hoop art was part of a collection I made to encourage friends {this one is a reminder to our family}. I want our house to reflect our purpose of loving others to see Him more clearly. 

entry globe.jpg
entry table.jpg

This cute, cottage-style bureau came from Home Goods; it was love at first sight, and probably the first piece of furniture I didn't get from a garage sale or Goodwill in a LONG time. The globe was given to me by a friend and the milk glass bowl was another Goodwill find. Not quite as cheap as my Mama's rearranging days, but it will do.  

Now I'm planning on changing up the furniture for the family room and basement. Yippee!!
What are some ways you change up your living space on a budget?? 

Happy Friday, Friends!
xox, susan