Vintage Patchwork Quilt

Last week I did some selfish sewing-- making something purely for fun + for me! Often when I sew it is for my Etsy shop or as a gift for a friend or family member. Picking out vintage fabric scraps and charm squares in prints that made me happy was the only goal. 

Vintage Patchwork quilt.

Even the vintage sheet I used as a spacing fabric is a dear print that I have been holding onto for a while in hopes of creating something for my home.  I LOVE this sheet with dainty pink, yellow and blue florals. The vintage sheet used for the backing is also a nice, crisp vintage floral that was in pristine condition. I made the pink and white striped quilt binding from a vintage sheet; if you are in need of some, there is a listing in my shop for this same print.  

Vintage Patchwork quilt.

Each square of fabric measures 5 inches square. Once I had enough cut, I simply began to lay them out in a random order and sew end-to-end until I got to my desired width. I cut large strips of the vintage sheet in 5 inch sections and sewed these in between the patchwork pieces. 

Vintage Patchwork Quilt.

These colors and prints are so charming. Many were precut which really cut down on the front end prep. This was another great project for using up those precious scraps that are compiling in your random bins and baskets. 

May September bring you time to enjoy your hobbies + loved ones!
xox-- Susan 

Summer Sewing

While in Colorado this summer, I stumbled upon a quaint yarn/ fabric store that was small but mighty. There were wonderful wool blends of yarn in so many amazing colors, unique fabric lines and sewing patterns that could not be found at traditional sewing stores. I found a simple frock pattern that looked appealing and just finished making it mine this past weekend. 

Simple frock top.

There were two sewing options; I chose to make the one with no buttons down the front + added some floral pockets. I am very happy with the fit. The swoop collar is different than other frocks I've made in the past and the length is perfect. 

Pattern sewing.
Pattern sewing of a frock.

My fabrics are quilting cottons. Easy to sew and oh so breezy on these hot + humid days. Because there are no zippers or button holes, this would be a great sewing project for even a beginner seamstress. 

And soon these sweet frocks of mine will be layered with cardigans + scarves for the Fall weather. Yay! So versatile and colorful for more than one season! 

Happy Monday to you, Sweets! 
xox- Susan

Small Vintage Fabric Bundles

My sweet + precious vintage fabric stash has become quite a mountainous problem. Every time I make a vintage lap quilt, I end up with fabric scraps that are too dear to simply discard; after using up what I could, I began to make six ounce bundles and sell them in my Etsy shop. 

Vintage fabric scrap bundles.

These little bundles are a wonderful way to start a small collection of vintage goodness for your sewing/ crafting projects. Want to make fabric tape?? This is a great selection to get you started. 

Vintage fabric scrap bundles.

I have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to scrap fabric ideas. Come take a peek if you need some inspiration. 

xox- Susan 

Summer Sewing For Me {Blue floral frock}

After a lovely day at the beach with my Dears, I was in the mood to wear something flow-y with cotton coolness. So, I pulled out some vibrant vintage prints, and went to work on a summer frock. Here is the lovely, amazingly breezy final product: 

Vintage fabric + frock pattern sewing.

This may be my most favorite frock to date-- it's the perfect fit with lots of wiggle room and POCKETS! I always fall for dresses/ skirts that have a place for some lip balm or coins. And after my day at the beach with a bit of sunburn on my upper body, this was perfect! 

blue floral frock2.jpg

Here's the vintage Simplicity pattern that was shortened with my pull of vintage sheets. I was a little nervous about the ties on the shoulders, but after wearing the frock for an evening, they didn't bother me as much as I thought they would; so good news on that front.

blue floral frock3.jpg

Another happy vintage frock for my wardrobe! This year has been unprecedented in sewing projects for me. I am so glad to have made the time to sew some fun bits for my closet and outfits that make me happy, cost little to nothing + fit my personally. Not dressing to please anyone but me. 

Dress Cost: Floral sheet: $2
                    Gingham piece: FREE from another sheet
                    Pattern: .99
Final Cost: $3

What's on your sewing list? Anything special just for YOU??

xox- Susan

Patchwork Crochet Hook Case {sewing for me}

Do you have a list of projects you would like to accomplish, but never seem to get around to finishing?? Me too. Some of these projects are for the home, some are personal goals, and others are more fun--sewing projects for me. Summer usually affords me more time to explore my creative list; so happy to have finished one of these projects this week. A pouch for my NEW crochet hooks!

Patchwork crochet hook pouch.

I was gifted some sweet vintage style 2.5 inch fabric bits by an IG friend. After visiting my Pinterest board, I found a pencil pouch tutorial by Clover + Violet that has been on my creative to-do list for a while. Once I downloaded the pattern, I began to sew the squares together in a random order of color and patterns. 

Patchwork stitching.

After following the clear + simple tutorial, I ended up with a colorful + darling pencil pouch that perfectly fits all of my newly acquired crochet hooks. 

patchwork pouch4.jpg

Look at that wide opening! It fits all 12 crochet hooks, plus small trimming scissors, stitch markers and more. 

Patchwork pencil pouch/ crochet hook pouch.

Thankful for a little unexpected alone time this evening. One more fun project off of my to-do list and a cozy home for some ergonomical crochet hooks

xoxo- Susan

Vintage Dinner Napkins {Gift it}

It's the summer of eating outdoors at our home. The umbrella is up, out deck is swept and we are ready to eat our breakfast, lunch + dinner outside. This girl is craving sunshine and breezes, and lately our backyard oasis is the best place to read, eat and rest. With these summer cravings comes a desire for friends- old + new- to join our little gathering outdoors. I love to add some handmade goodness with vintage dinner napkins. 

Vintage dinner napkins.

I pulled out some coordinating vintage sheets to make these charming + colorful napkins. There are some listed in my Etsy shop if you are in need of some for you or as a hostess gift. 

 Cherry crisp made from our cherry tree.

Cherry crisp made from our cherry tree.

Last week's cherry crisp eaten outdoors with some vintage dinner linens. 

Vintage dinner napkins.

A mix-matched set of vintage dinner napkins is on hand at our house for such a summer as this:) They clean easily + are oh so colorful. Other vintage goodies + crocheted items are available in the shop as well. 

Happy Summer,Sweets! 
xoxo, Susan

Crochet Granny Square Bolster Pillow Cover

Crochet Granny Square Bolster Pillow Cover

After finding a great deal on a bolster pillow, I decided to crochet a large granny square cover in pinks, grays + white. The process of making this pillow cover was similar to my other granny square pillow covers with the exception of connecting the edges with a single crochet stitch, instead of sewing a fabric backing. 

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Vintage Pattern Sewing {Wrap Around Frock}

Vintage Pattern Sewing {Wrap Around Frock}

When the Simplicity patterns are on sale for .99 at Hobby Lobby, I stock up! I love that Simplicity offers patterns from different eras, redone and ready to purchase NEW today. Once I spied the 1950's wrap-around frock, I added it to my pile of 'must-makes' for future reference. Here is the finished dress: 

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Vintage Sheet Frock W/ Modern Pockets {sewing for me}

Vintage Sheet Frock W/ Modern Pockets {sewing for me}

Finding sweet vintage sheets is such a thrill for me! And when I stumbled upon this floral beauty, I  knew it was destined to be a frock. The yardage required to make a dress/ frock can be pricey, so using an inexpensive (but darling) vintage sheet is a great fit especially when testing a new-to-you-pattern.

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