Vintage Book Tags {Gift it}

As a former teacher, I LOVE books. Even though my children are no longer drawn to the simplicity of children's storybooks, I cannot help but to pick up the lonesome pages and consider ways to incorporate the beauty of the illustrations into my home. In the past, I have made book banners from old and discarded books, but today, I am sharing my Vintage Book Tags

Vintage Book Tags.

This Little Golden Book version of Little Red Riding Hood made 23 gift tags. Each tag is hand-cut and finished with a black and white hang tag. Perfect addition to your next gift.

The Gingerbread Man gift tags.

This vintage version of The Gingerbread Man contains some charming forest animals, a farmer + his wife, and of course, the Gingerbread Man in lovely vintage style and color. This book also made 23 tags and is currently available in my Shop

book tags6.jpg

Who wouldn't love a gift tag reminiscent of their childhood on a gift?!? 


The Cabled Beanie

I love when I come across a crochet pattern that stretches my skill level. When I stumbled upon the beautiful Cable Beanie pattern from All About Ami, I knew I wanted to master the stitches required to make her lovely cap. It took a few tries, but finally, I can say, I can crochet cables

Cabled Crochet Beanie.

This cap was a trial run, but it came out so well, that one of my daughters claimed it as her own-- a true compliment for a mother of picky teens. 

cabled beanie2.jpg
cable beanie3.jpg

Once I finished the oatmeal yarn, I grabbed a rich yellow to make a cap for myself. I Love it! My daughter tried to claim this one as well, but I suggested we share. These caps are so warm and thick; I am certain more will be made in the future! 

What new skills are you learning this season?? Please share in the comments...

Quick Shop Update {New Arrivals}

A little while ago, I shared a tutorial on my Cotton Yarn Wallets with fabric lining. Since that post, some have asked if I would ever add these wallets to my Etsy Shop; I am happy to announce that there are FIVE new designs added to the shop for those of you who don't crochet OR whose time is limited and would prefer a finished product. 

Gray Crocheted wallet with purple floral lining.
Aqua Crocheted wallet with vintage blue floral lining.
Pink Crocheted wallet with vintage floral lining.

Each wallet is crocheted with the SOFTEST cotton yarn and lined,in most cases a vintage floral fabric in a coordinating design. The lining is backed by a stabilizer for added durability and hand stitched to the crochet shell. Then, each wallet is finished off with a vintage button. Perfect for your glasses, phone, cash, or pens and writing bits. The above TWO photos also show my handmade Vintage Fabric Tape Strips now available in the shop as well. These are a strong + lovely on packaging, gifts or your journaling material. 

crochet wallets.jpg

Hope you have a happy + joy-filled weekend!


Granny Square Cowl {Quick + Cozy}

My love of the granny square is still growing. Today, I am sharing my newest creation from the granny-- the colorful cowl. 

Crochet Granny Square Cowl.

Even though we are having a mild winter in the Midwest, this California-raised-girl is chilled when the temps drop in the 60s. Soooo, the cooler weather lends itself to heavy blankets, warm mugs filled with hot, creamy tea and crochet. As I was bundled up, I considered my love of the granny and decided I was ready to wear some. I pulled out some colors that made me happy, and began to hook away. 

Crochet granny square cowl.

I used five colors in grays + pinks for these granny squares. Once I completed five squares, I connected them with single crochet stitches in one of the gray colors. Next, for uniformity, I used the same gray to single stitch an edging around the top and bottom of the cowl. Such a fun and fast way to add a pop of color to these cold + gloomy winter days!  

If you too are falling hard for the granny square, try out some of these projects: Granny Pillow Cover, Granny Square Tablet Case, Granny Square Eyeglass Case.

Handmade Stockings With Discount Code {Crochet + Vintage Linens}

Handmade Stockings With Discount Code {Crochet + Vintage Linens}

I love stockings of all shapes, sizes and colors. There are so many ways to personalize these cuties to match the recipient-- color palette, materials, size + fun bits inside (that's always the best part)! Our family wakes up to their stockings on Christmas morning sitting outside their bedroom doors, waiting for the rest of the family to wake. 

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Floral Idea Pouch (Michelle Patterns)

Floral Idea Pouch (Michelle Patterns)

Over Fall break, two of my favorite college girls returned home for a long weekend. After being separated from them for months, I wanted to send them back to school with a little handmade gift filled with small gifts. I came across the Idea Pouch from Michelle Patterns and knew this would be the perfect little carry-all pouch for my college Dears.

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