Stitching for a babe + donuts

This week was filled with getting some ordinariness back into my life. Routines were in full force, all family members were home {praise Jesus!}, and it was time to get some crafty juices flowing. Early in the week, we welcomed a family friend's preemie baby into our lives. She's tiny. She's adorable + thriving. And I was itching to make some small, cute baby bits. 

Preemie crochet beanie caps.

A friend on Instagram shared a crochet preemie cap pattern that I LOVED. Made a few for our sweet friend's daughter. And added a pom to one. Seriously, these are the cutest caps around!

Diaper bag pouch.

I pinned this wonderful diaper bag pouch from Noodlehead a while ago, praying for a baby to enter my life so I could make one. Prayers were answered!

Diaper bag pouch tutorial.

Another amazing revelation this week: the most scrumptious donut shop in our area was visited by me, not once, but twice. It could be a problem folks. Fresh donuts are a weakness for my sorry self; big time. 

Longs donuts.

Yes, HOT donuts. See what I mean by it's a problem?!?!

Longs donuts.

Creating for baby + donuts. That pretty much sums up my week. It was a good week. 

Scrap Tags {gift it}

After I finished my Crochet + fabric wallets last week, I wanted to make something quick to add to the little bundles of goodness. I knew these wallets were destined for some sweeties who have loved me hard during some family hardships, and so chocolate sweet bits and handmade gift tags were in order. One can satisfy a sweet tooth; another can help in a pinch for an addition to a gift or note. 

Scrap tags.

To some larger tags, I sewed some scraps of fabric, ribbon and a simple phrase. Now, the gift giving + sharing with others can continue!


I bundled up a handful of the tags and tucked them into a crocheted wallet. A few dearies received one of these gifts this week as I was packaging up pots, tupperware and bits from their meals they served our family during our tough weeks. Blessed indeed to be known, cared for, prayed over and practically loved on. 

Handmade gift tags.
Handmade scrap gift tags.

Feeling blessed by the love and compassion of my people. Looking forward to serving and filling a need of the people God has put in my path. Simple love shows up and pursues hard. A pretty little tag is just a bonus.

What are some ways you show practical love to the people in your life??

Crochet + Fabric Wallets {a tutorial}

This season has been a difficult one. Life has been one tumultuous event after another, and when these tender moments arise, finding time to create and just breathe and enjoy become a new hard. I was given a couple hours of 'me' time this weekend, where I quickly hibernated to my craft/sewing room to 'play' with some past projects that were started, but not fully complete. These wallets....

Crochet + fabric wallets.

It was so fun to pair the cotton yarn with some fabric bits I have been waiting to use up. First, I  crocheted a few rectangles in the puff stitch.  Find a size you are wanting and crochet until you are at desired width and length. {I may make a few smaller ones as coin pouches--cute!} Cut your fabric a little larger than crocheted rectangle.

Iron fusible interfacing onto WRONG side of fabric; then iron edges in all around fabric perimeter.

Hand stitch fabric rectangle onto crocheted piece around the edges making sure to leave a little leeway on the top {helps when folding wallet flap over}.

Crochet + fabric wallets.
Crochet + fabric wallets.

Fold wallet into desired shape. Use a single crochet stitch to secure edges and add a loop halfway across the top for a button closure as you crochet around all three edges. Add a button to the front of the wallet.

Cotton yarn + fabric wallets.

And repeat. Again and again.

crochet + fabric wallets. A tutorial.

A little crafting fun to ease away the tension was the perfect way to spend a few hours alone. An added bonus: my gift pantry is stocked and ready to bless some girlies. 

Winter stitching + stashing

When it's cold outside, I sometimes lack the motivation to warm up the all-season room {crafting space} and work on stitching projects. But last week, I cranked up the floor board heaters and purged, dumped and organized some of my fabric stash.

Craft room.

Organizing my space inevitably leads to wanting to cut into something pretty, so that happened too. I cut into my precious stash of vintage cotton and made a few small bags. I'm using mine as a Bible bag; it's the perfect size to store my pens, pencils and special colorful twistables. 

Bible bag from vintage fabric.
Gift a vintage inspired Bible bag.

This blue bag was a gift for a special friend on her birthday. I love giving + receiving handmade, and so does this Dearie. 

Vintage inspired Bible bag.

And this sweet, cheerful bag is an extra I am keeping on hand for future gift-giving. {Yellow. It's my favorite}.

Sew up a quick Bible bag from vintage linens.

Sewing + creating has become quite the stress-reliever as of late. I can sit in my space, listen to some podcasts and think on the special people in my life that need a little pick-me-up or encouragement. Stocking up on little handmade treats fills me up this drafty winter. 

What are you working on these chilly months??

Simple Sewing Kit {college gifts}

Last weekend I was blessed with a small road trip to visit my oldest girl for a few days. I packed a box of goodies she had requested, and a few Valentine sweets for fun. But, I also have a tendency to make a little handmade something to bless her and her roommate. This package included an easy to make, Simple Sewing Kit. 

Simple Sewing Kit.

I ended up making three of these little cuties; sent one in the mail to our Dear Jenny, and hand delivered two this past weekend. 

Here is how you can make your own Sewing Kit. 
First, I embroidered three monograms for the girls names. I then made hexies out of the monograms.

simple sewing2.jpg

Next, cut out your coordinating fabrics {and stabilizer} to the size that fits your needs. My cuts were 9 inches by 7 1/2 inches. 

Simple sewing kits.

Iron the fusible interfacing to the WRONG SIDE of the fabric you want to be on the front of sewing kit. Sew around the edges, leaving a 3 inch opening at the bottom for turning out. Iron.

Simple sewing kit.

Stitch the side with the opening shut.

simple sewing kit.

Sew hexie into place on the front of sewing kit. 

simple sewing7.jpg

Fold up inside fabric a couple of inches and iron + pin in place.

Simple sewing kit.

Stitch around three sides of the case to make one large pocket at the bottom. Cut a piece of felt in half and stitch to the center of the sewing kit.  

Simple Sewing kit.

And you are finished. Include any bit of sewing goodness that your Dearies may need. I added a small tape measure, scissors, thread, a threader, extra buttons, pins, needles, safety pins and some denim patches. 

simple sewing kits.
Simple sewing kit.

Handmade + gifts to my Sweets are my favorite. 

Jewelry catch-all {vintage wrapped hanger}

For .80 cents I was able to score four vintage wood hangers. They have been stored in my craft room waiting for some new life and purpose. Well, that time has come my friends, in this Jewelry Catch-All. I followed the same directions on these hangers as with my Vintage Wrapped Hanger Tutorial.

Jewelry catch all.

Simple supplies:

  • wood hangers
  • vintage fabric strips
  • hot glue gun
  • pom pom {optional}
  • free printable {optional}
Hangar supplies.

Open hanger and begin to wrap fabric evenly using a spot of hot glue every few inches. Add a pom pom for some whimsy and pop of color. I found this free print on the internet, printed it and trimmed to fit between the bars. Done. 

Vintage wrapped hangar.
Vintage wrapped hangars.

So, I wrapped all of these vintage hangers with some of my fabric stash and have a few on hand for future gifts. 

Jewelry hangar.

Now some of my longer jewelry pieces have a new place to nest without getting all tangled and mangled. And the free printable is a beautiful reminder that my Hope is secure in a very loving and merciful Father!

Do you like to reuse and freshen up old into new?? What are you creating these days??

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