Vintage Sheet Frock W/ Modern Pockets {sewing for me}

Finding sweet vintage sheets is such a thrill for me! And when I stumbled upon this floral beauty, I  knew it was destined to be a frock. The yardage required to make a dress/ frock can be pricey, so using an inexpensive (but darling) vintage sheet is a great fit especially when testing a new-to-you-pattern.

Vintage sheet dress/ frock.

I combined the vintage floral sheet with a more modern print for the pockets. 

Sewing with vintage patterns and fabric.

There was a small risk involved in making this pattern into a dress-- vintage sizing can be different than the modern sizings, and this one was labeled for teen/ junior. BUT, because the sheet only cost me $2, I was willing to take the chance that it would fit. It is a snugger fit than I'd usually like, but I love it none-the-less. 

Vintage pattern and fabric sewing.

With summer just around the corner, I am thrilled to be adding some unique frocks to my wardrobe. 

COST:   Pattern: $5
             Sheet:  $2
             Pocket fabric: Gifted fabric
             Zipper: .60

Love and Blessings, 
xox- Susan

Cotton Vintage Blankets {gift + make}

Each spring, I bundle up my heavy blankets and pull out my cottony vintage blankets for evening snuggles and reading time. These flowery + colorful lap quilts are a favorite. They have been selling quickly lately in my Shop, so I wanted to share a few of them here!

Vintage lap blanket.
Vintage lap blanket.
Vintage lap quilt.

Each blanket is made from a variety of vintage sheets, lined with cotton batting and bound by handmade vintage quilt binding (also sold in the Shop). Fabrics are randomly chosen by me with the stock available and so each is unique and a one-of-a-kind. 

Vintage lap quilt.

Make a one of a kind lap blanket for one of your loves, or pop over to the shop and grab one for a special mom in your life! 

Happy Wednesday, friends! 

xox- susan 

Anthropologie Tablecloth to Frock {remake}

Awhile ago my Hubs purchased a lovely blue + yellow fringed tablecloth from Anthropologie (on clearance). I loved the style, colors and adorable accents, but sadly the tablecloth was WAY too big for our table. I obviously held on to the linen, waiting for the perfect project to use up the cute edges. 

Anthro tablecloth to frock.

I used the same pattern from my last sewing projectMcCall's Pattern #M7095- ViewA. Those cute ruffles on the bottom of the frock?!? Those were on the tablecloth already, so I simply lined up the pattern to match the bottoms of the front and back pieces. The bottom hem was already complete before I even began:)

Ruffles from an Anthro tablecloth- made into a frock.

This tablecloth frock is made from a creamy linen fabric. It is so light + airy; perfect for the warmer weather coming our way soon. And since I've made this frock before, it came together so much faster. Sewing for me has become a new delight + treat. 

What are you working on??

xox- Susan 

Vintage Sheet Frock {sewing for me}

I recently picked up a large striped full bed sheet in brown stripes with dainty orange flowers. Not my usual choice in fabric, but darling none the less. And for only $1.50, I knew it would work for a future project. After scanning my recent haul of .99 patterns, I pulled a shirt/ frock pattern that I thought would be cute with the stripes and browns of the sheet. Here is the final product. 

Vintage sheet frock.

It was kind of windy and I generally dislike taking pictures alone, so this is the best of the haul, folks:) I used the sheet for the main fabric (still TONS of the fabric left for more projects) and a dainty brown floral for the accent fabric. The collar gave me a little trouble, but once worked out, I love the contrast in fabrics from top to bottom. 

I used McCall's Pattern #M7095- ViewA. The next time I make this frock, I think I may add pockets  like in my sheet shirt or the vintage dress made from a thrifted duvet. . 

I wore this comfy frock all day, and love the way it fits on top- not too snug around the arms or chest. The length is also great for summers on the beach! Yay! 

I love sewing for me; using my scraps and bits to add to my closet on a budget. What are you stitching up?? 

xoxo- Susan

Crocheted Medallions With Stamped Words {encourage one another}

Crocheting with my most favorite cotton yarn is such a treat! This week, I was wanting to encourage some Dearies and came up with a few fun and colorful crocheted medallions/ awards to add to gifts and treats. 

Crocheted medallions/ awards as gift toppers and encouragement.

Once I crocheted my colorful rounds, I added some fabric strips, twine and ribbon to the bottom + a stamped word to the front. Aren't they adorable?!?

Crocheted medallions as awards and encouragement.

So many fun ways to use these cuties.....

Crocheted medallion.

And if a Lovie passes a test, acts courageously, blesses someone, makes a sacrifice or has a special day, these would be wonderful handmade tokens to show you KNOW + SEE + APPRECIATE them to bits. 

Crocheted medallions of encouragement.

If you need a few of these crocheted medallions/ awards, pop into the shop and place an order. Let's find creative ways to encourage one another!

May you feel the Love of the One who made it ALL possible. 

xox- Susan

Spring Bowties {Dance season is upon us}

My Junior is getting ready for the prom. Today he asked a young lady to be his date, so now it is prep time. There is little for me to do as the mom of the fella, but I do make him vintage bowties for his dances// and this year I am adding a few to my Etsy shop

Can you see that super strong tape holding the crocheted hanger?? That too is in the shop-- vintage fabric tape. It is a fabulous adhesive + so pretty!

Can you see that super strong tape holding the crocheted hanger?? That too is in the shop-- vintage fabric tape. It is a fabulous adhesive + so pretty!

Oh, these prints are so fun and Spring-y! The flecked menswear tie has colorful bursts of greens and pinks and reds--gorgeous! The other vintage prints are in a variety of florals-- pinks, purples, blues and yellows. 

vintage ties9.jpg

These vintage bowties would be wonderful for Easter as well. Our guys can handle a little color and floral, right?!?

vintage ties19.jpg

Happy Spring, friends. May your days be filled with laughter, light and a little floral goodness. 

xox- susan

Crochet + Cross Stitch Kindle/ iPad Mini Case (Rainbows + Roses)

I have been wanting to cross stitch on crochet projects for a while. After working for a bit on a few ideas, I came up with a simple Kindle case or iPad mini case using the single crochet stitch.

Crochet + cross stitch kindle case/ iPad mini case.

It came out better than I hoped. This rose is my favorite! 
After measuring my kindle, I began to single stitch over + over until I had the length I wanted. I then had my daughter help me design some easier cross stitch designs on graph paper. (Yay for teen girls and their art skills! )

Crochet + Cross stitch rainbow kindle case/ iPad mini case.

I am hoping to come up with some more cross stitch ideas, but for now these two styles are making me quite happy. 

These are currently available in my shop for you non-crocheters:) Also, each case comes with a happy yarn tasseled clip and crocheted heart! Come pop over and take a peek at the Spring-y offerings. Perfect for your Easter baskets or Sweeties. 

xox- Susan

Party Prep {she's 20!}

Our oldest child just turned 20! So many feelings and memories all come flooding at the mention of seasons that have passed since this baby girl entered our home. She was our first. First daughter. First hospitalization. First one to experience our wobbly attempts at parenting. But she is dearly loved and so we remembered her special day surrounded by friends and family eating yummy delights and singing her a song of remembrance. 

Birthday pennants from felt and vintage fabric.

Whip up your own birthday pennants. I simply cut the desired size from my girls favorite color of felt. After adding bonding to the vintage fabric, I free handed the 20 and yay in increasing or decreasing sizes to fit the shape. Iron on and stitch around the words. Add some yarn or twine to bottom of pennant and DONE. 

These pennants were added to my girls favorite cake// pineapple upside down cake!

What simple decoration do you add to your small parties?? 

xoxo- Susan

Vintage Striped Sheet Skirt {Quick + Comfy}

I have wanted to make a vintage sheet Maxi skirt for quite a while.  They are so comfortable and billowy. After finding this easy tutorial, I quickly pulled out a vintage striped sheet and made this long cutie.

Maxi skirt amde from a vintage striped sheet.

The best part of this tutorial is that you can make the sheet fit your needs. The top portion of the sheet is the waistband and completely finished before you even start; it's a part of the sheet already! And the POCKETS! Amazing. You can make them as deep as you would like.

Striped vintage sheet maxi skirt.

This came together so fast. I was able to cut, sew and trim within 90 minutes! Now that the first one is complete, I am certain more maxi skirts will follow.

Vintage maxi skirt.

Besides a good ironing, I was very pleased with this skirt. Go check out the tutorial and give it a try-- you too will love the cottony comfy goodness.

xox-- Susan

Vintage Embroidered Linens to Zipper Pouches (repurpose)

When I find a vintage hand-stitched pillow case or tablecloth at the thrift store, it is so hard to pass up; I know it takes hours to accomplish the patterns or designs depicted and for $1 or less, another new item or two can be created. 

Vintage linens to zipper pouches.

The pillowcase I found recently had three sets of orange cross-stitched roses. Darling! The case itself was worn in places, but the overall embroidery was immaculate. So for .99, I now have 3 sweet vintage zipper pouches! To add some durability to each pouch, some stabilizer was added to the embroidery piece. 

Vintage pillowcase turned into 3 zipper pouches.

I love repurposing vintage linens: frocks, pouches, blankets, bibs, bookmarks, hair bows and so much more!! 

Vintage pillowcase repurposed into a zipper pouch.

See the amazing details?!? So colorful and perfect for Spring. These lined vintage pouches would make a thoughtful gift filled with lip balm, nail polish, some chocolates and a gift card. 

There are currently THREE of these cuties in my Shop.

Share a picture of your repurposed creations to my Facebook page or tell me about it here in the comments. What item in your closet are you wanting to repurpose??