Colorful Crochet Cowl

A few weeks ago as I wandered through my local Hobby Lobby, I came across a clearance table FULL of pretty yarns. Dangerous. They looked so sad and forlorn, getting marked down and discontinued, I just had to save a few for future makings:) And with a little dip in the thermostat, I decided on a cozy cowl.

Colorful cowl.

These colors are incredibly fun and varied. And it is SOOOO soft. I find myself touching it constantly and wanting to wear it while indoors as well. 

Colorful crochet cowl.

It took just a little more than one skein to make the cowl. I used the same stitching method as with my recent Patchwork Afghan// double crochets picking up only the back loop; that adds the little ridge that gets repeated throughout. So, a pretty simple evening project.

Crochet colorful cowl.

To get this look: Chain 25 (with a larger hook than required by your yarn-- I went 2 whole sizes larger for a looser weave). Turn. Double crochet in the third loop from end and continue to the end. Turn. Double crochet, picking up ONLY the back loop for the rest of the rows. Continue until you get to your desired length. Connect. Weave in ends. 

What a great way to start a Monday! 

Thrifted Duvet + Vintage Pattern Dress {Sewing for Me}

While sorting through some vintage patterns, I found one that would be perfect for Fall with boots and a cardigan. After finding the right fabric { a thrifted full-sized duvet cover} I began to assemble all of the materials needed to make a new frock. I am very pleased with the final product and it only seems fitting that it should be worn on October 1.

Vintage sewing pattern. Sewing for me.

This is a wide skirted dress with narrow arm coverings, an elastic top and POCKETS. Yes, sweet + deep pockets. That's probably my most favorite feature of this dress.

Vintage sewing pattern.

Side note: I could have an entire wall filled with the wonderfully illustrated patterns from yesteryear. The hair- those shoes! Love it all!

Vintage sewing pattern dress.

The top had channels for two strips of elastic. I used natural thread to contrast with the dark brown. The top fits really well over the bodice area. I can see wearing this in the summer months as well.

It's time to change up the wardrobe, and for about $2.50 I have a lovely new addition to pair with my favorite leggings. 

Happy Fall, Friends! 

Crochet Patchwork Afghan {with Tassels}

I finished a patchwork afghan a little while ago and loved the ease of the repeated pattern and final look of the project. So, I made another one this last week for a friend, changing it up a little by adding some fringed tassels to the ends instead of the picot edging used in the first afghan. 

fringed patchwork afghan.

This simple afghan is just a repeated double crochet stitch, picking up ONLY the back loop to form the ridges for added texture. I chose an assortment of earthy yarn tones for the season. 

Crochet patchwork afghan with fringe.

So soft + pleasantly bulky.

Tassel and fringe crocheted afghan.

To finish off the afghan, I crocheted a single stitch in gray around the entire blanket. Then I wound the same gray yarn around a hard cover book many times and cut down the middle to make lots of yarn strands about the same length. Using my crochet hook, I pulled 5 strands of yarn through the ends of the afghan making a loop, then pulled the tails of the yarn through the loop. {Spaced evenly}.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments and I will get back to you. 

Another Vintage Travel Tote {Remake}

A while back I shared a vintage tote update from a Goodwill treasure/// old into something new and useful. It is still a favorite of mine! It is so sturdy {perfect for my laptop}, roomy and easy to clean. And for only a few bucks, it saved me $$ on a computer case/ travel bag. 

I recently found a similar travel bag in brown for $2. {Happy dance}. I followed the same steps to update this bag as I followed in the blue travel tote. Once my middle daughter spied it finished in my craft room, she asked if she could have it. I obliged. 

Vintage travel bag update.

This past weekend was the bag's maiden voyage; my teens spent the weekend with friends while my Hubs and I frolicked alone in Michigan. The bag fit all of her clothes {!!!} for the weekend and her bounty of personal accoutrements. 

Another thrifty find repurposed into a useful {and cute} tool for my family. Yay! 

Shop Update {gearing up for the gifting season}

My love of vintage goodness has overflowed to my Etsy Shop. Currently, there are items for babies, tweens, teens, college kiddos and adult girlfriends. Come take a peek and shop early for your loved ones. 

Vintage fabric baby bibs.

Vintage fabric baby bibs.

Elastic banded zip pouches. Perfect for journaling, Bible note taking or eyeglass case.

Elastic banded zip pouches. Perfect for journaling, Bible note taking or eyeglass case.

Camera strap covers.

I love special orders; just email me and we can work out a way to meet your specific requirements. Plenty of other vintage goodies to see at


A Crochet Patchwork Afghan

It is currently 92 degrees outside my home; kind of a crazy day for me to share my most recent crochet project. But with Fall just around the corner, I had the urge to pull out some balls of yarn and prepare for the cozy nights ahead. 

Patchwork crochet afghan.

I simply crocheted a square pattern using the double crochet stitch (only grabbing the back loop for the ridged look).  Each additional square was added to the finished ones until I had the width I wanted. 

patchwork afghan.

This picture shows the ridges made my picking up the back loop only on the double-crochet stitch. Then just repeat over and over. {This is a great project to use up all of your smaller balls of yarn}!

Patchwork afghan.

Once all of the squares were connected, I added two rows of single crochet around the perimeter, then did a picot stitch with 3 singles between the picots. (Very similar to my granny stripes afghan border).

Patchwork afghan.

Crochet + the cooler weather just go together. Another patchwork afghan is in the works for a friend who has a birthday at the end of the year. Handmade biddle is the best! 


Sewing for Me {Dottie Angel Frock}

I love the granny-chic style, so wearing baggy dresses or tunics over leggings/ jeans with a cardigan is my jam. Cozy, colorful, warm and unique. Recently, I made a couple of frocks from a vintage Butterick pattern, and love them for the summer weather. Today, I pulled out my new Dottie Angel frock pattern from Simplicity and made a true granny-style dress in preparation for Fall. 

Dottie Angel frock.

I splurged and pulled out a piece of my Liberty of London fabric for the pockets. LOVE! This fabric is on the pricey side, so I use it sparingly; the perfect project to highlight the beautiful + colorful florals. 

Dottie Angel frock.

Added a small piece of vintage ribbon behind one pocket for a little fun. 

This pattern was from Simplicity, #1080. It's new and fabulous and easy to follow. Sewing for me is a new thing, and I'm so happy there are others who appreciate the casual, layered look and share their talents with the rest of us. (Thanks, Tif!)

Now all I need is a cable-knit cardigan and a warm beverage to finish this Fall-ish ensemble. 

What are your go-to wardrobe pieces??


Rainbow Granny Square Banner {gift it}

I love God's promises. They are constant, true and faithful// never changing. This week I heard a friend was hurting-- feeling alone, and isolated in a new environment without any connections to lean into. I wanted to brighten her day and living space, so I crocheted her a Rainbow Granny Square Banner. 

Rainbow granny square banner.

I began with the simple granny square pattern, added some white trim and edging; then connected the squares with a crocheted chain and embellished with strips of vintage fabric. 

Rainbow granny square banner.

Just packaged this banner up and shipped it off with prayers for comfort and encouragement to our young friend. Praying God shows me more ways to encourage His people in their hard places. 

Gold + cream granny square banner.

I made a few more of these banners and listed them in my Etsy shop. Grab one for you + another for a friend:) Handmade Love is the BEST. 


A Little Instagram Swap with New Friends

It is amazing that social media has allowed friendships that would otherwise not exist, to flourish or start through common interests, goals or hobbies. I have made a few friends through Instagram that share a common interest in their faith,  parenting, sewing, crocheting or vintage junking. A few of these Lovelies asked if I wanted to join an informal Swap-- we buy a mug and fill it with some handmade or store bought love in the form of small bits that would interest the receiver. This is my third year participating in this type of swap, and I truly love the generosity and friendships that stem from this simple act of giving. 

Mug swap 2015.

This is a sample of some of the items that I shipped to my partner: a handmade placemat, bookmark and crocheted coasters, my favorite winter socks, yummy cocoa and cookies, an embroidered bag with needle minder, fabric tape, washi tape and of course, the mug. 

Instagram swap.

This is the lovely haul from my partner: love that vintage glass jar, sweet candle, crocheted pin cushion, tea and more. The thought that goes into something like this just blesses me beyond words. I love packing up gifts for friends and look forward to sending off little reminders of remembrances to my loved ones, but when I'm on the receiving end of these gestures, I am in awe. 

Connecting with others is a very good thing. Getting ready to write some snail mail soon, knowing that some college dears look forward to a mailbox filled with a padded envelope and news from home. 

How do you stay connected with friends, new and old??


School Prep Week

So, last week our teens went back to college and high school. At this stage of parenting there is little I can do to prepare them beyond a trip to Target for supplies {Which I LOVE}. And there really is no way to prepare for your oldest to head to another state for her second year of college. Kleenex, diet coke, and a comfy blanket do help for a short bit. 

There was a little time to create; some of these fun items are going with my Dearies to school. 

Elastic pencil pouch.

This little gem is available in my Etsy shop

And you can't send your girl away without some homemade cookies. I made a large batch of these delicious M&M cookies and added them to embroidered pouches for my college girl's dorm mates. 

College Care package.

Spending creative time embroidering, sewing or crocheting helps me to use my energy in a productive way versus thinking about the upcoming changes in our home overly much. Plus, it enables me to bless my Teens with some handmade items for them + their friends. 

Vintage Frock.

I used a vintage Butterick pattern and made another frock {First frock and pattern info}. This little handmade dress/ frock is getting packed up in a care package this week for my oldest in Ohio. This has become a new favorite patten. 

So, our teens are getting into the new rhythms of school schedules and homework woes; I'm getting used to an empty house for a few hours a day. Creating for my family is always a blessing.