Handmade Stockings With Discount Code {Crochet + Vintage Linens}

I love stockings of all shapes, sizes and colors. There are so many ways to personalize these cuties to match the recipient-- color palette, materials, size + fun bits inside (that's always the best part)! Our family wakes up to their stockings on Christmas morning sitting outside their bedroom doors, waiting for the rest of the family to wake. 

Crochet striped stocking. SugarBeans.org

I'm in love with this soft striped Christmas stocking pattern from Yvestown. After I made the large stocking, I created a smaller pattern for the matching baby stocking. 

Vintage Green + yellow stocking. SugarBeans.org

Vintage linens were made to create this large yellow + green stocking. It was a special order for a client in my Etsy Shop-- love the non-traditional colors. More stockings similar to this are made and ready to ship in my shop. And this week only-- use the coupon code: THANKFUL2015 for 15% OFF your entire order. 

Vintage Christmas Stockings. SugarBeans.org

These are the Vintage 12 Days of Christmas Stockings--milkmaids, drums, swags of mistletoe and birds of every kind. I love this darling fabric! 

December is upon us. I have found that breaking up my TO-DOs one week at a time helps my family and I enjoy the memorable moments that lead up to the Celebration on the 25th. Preparing my Sweeties stockings is a favorite Christmas tradition that can start early in the season. If you are still in need of a stocking (or 2) pop over to SewSugarBeans.etsy.com and use the coupon code for discounted Christmas goodies. 


Crochet Fingerless Gloves {Make + Gift}

Last winter, I made many crocheted slouchy beanies for my teens and their friends to keep their heads warm and cozy. This season, I have opted to keep their hands toasty warm with some crocheted fingerless gloves. 

Crochet fingerless gloves. SugarBeans.org

After searching crochet patterns for fingerless gloves, I fell in love with this one from Yvestown. It's the cute bobble stitch that I loved in this pattern -- added texture for the wrists. 

Crochet fingerless gloves. SugarBeans.org

After making a pair for myself as a tester, I decided to make some for my college girl's Sweeties in anticipation of the gifting season and the cold temperatures hitting the midwest. 

Fingerless gloves. SugarBeans.org

And after adding a candy cane, holiday flag and washi tape, it is gift-ready. Simple + handmade is my favorite!

College girl gifts. SugarBeans.org

College girl gifts are ready. Yay! That's one thing off of my list. Simple + handmade are my favorite!

Floral Idea Pouch (Michelle Patterns)

Over Fall break, two of my favorite college girls returned home for a long weekend. After being separated from them for months, I wanted to send them back to school with a little handmade gift filled with small gifts. I came across the Idea Pouch from Michelle Patterns and knew this would be the perfect little carry-all pouch for my college Dears.

floral organizer2.jpg
floral organizer.jpg

This pattern is filled with roomy pockets-- plenty of space for a calculator, pens, notecards + chocolate--essentials for any college girl:)

floral organizer3.jpg

These sweet pouches came together quickly and I look forward to making more as gifts for friends in the future. I use my pouch along with my planner to hold colored pens, post-it notes, stamps, and a small notebook. I use it ALL of the time. 

floral organizer4.jpg

This was a wonderful pattern and I would highly recommend it! There were many clear pictures included in the PDF which makes the pattern that much easier to follow--great for any sewing level. 

Christmas is Coming {Vintage Stockings, Tags + Fabric Tape}

This last week, I added FOUR new Vintage Stocking Designs to the Shop. Three are smaller, one is BIG. They are all made with vintage cottons and range in colors. 

Vintage Christmas Stockings. SugarBeans.org
Larger Vintage Christmas Stocking. SugarBeans.org

The larger stocking has some sweet mini pom trim and is quite roomy! 

Vintage Christmas Gift Tags. SugarBeans.org

This set of Vintage Christmas Tags come in a lot of 12. There are a variety of vintage inspired fabrics and sayings for the Specials in your life!

Vintage Christmas Fabric Tape. SugarBeans.org

This Vintage Inspired Fabric Tape is amazing! So durable and heavy duty. I use it for all of my packaging-- There is even a listing for vintage fabric tape (not Christmas) for your everyday use of fun and colorful tape. 

There are many options for your Lovies this Christmas season. Come browse my Etsy shop and see some other handmade items to pop in stockings, pack for neighbors or use for yourself. 


Fall Fun {Sewing + a Party}

Every Halloween we pass out candy, host a chili and spaghetti bar and invite friends over. I love that this tradition still holds strong and I look forward to it every year. I LOVE seeing the young friends of our neighborhood decked out in their sweet or scary costumes with buckets filled to the brim with candy and parents reminding them to say, "thank you". Priceless. This year, my teens {one in particular} kept me on my toes by changing plans hourly-- costumes, friends attendance, sleep-over or not, etc. Luckily by Friday, I had a working plan for one costume and made it my mission to complete it quickly. 

Pattern sewing. SugarBeans.org

I was fortunate to find this pattern on .99 pattern week. Yay!! My girl wanted the green dress in pink with a peter-pan collar, not scalloped. I hit up the Goodwills in my area and was fortunate to find a double-sized pink sheet for $3. I knew this would be plenty of fabric to make the dress and did a little happy jig that this saved me from paying more at the fabric store. 

Pattern sewing. SugarBeans.org

My girl in her newly made pink dress from the above pattern. It fit her perfectly! Her and her bestie looked adorable in their Moonrise Kingdom costumes {I am not even aware of this movie-- sad truth}. 

Popcorn bar. SugarBeans.org

Popcorn Bar. Because more sugar on Halloween weekend is a must. {Inspired by the ladies at Lolly Jane}. This was really fun + so easy to put together. I'm thinking a Christmas Popcorn Bar will be happening as well. 

Such a full + fun weekend with neighbors, friends and loved ones. Really, a most favorite way for me to spend any weekend!

Crochet covered Hangers {make + gift}

After I covered my college girls wood hangers with vintage scraps, I realized that the small + mundane items in our home can be made fun + appealing with just a little bit of effort and cost. This last week, I ordered some wood hangers and covered them in little sweaters for the winter following the Dottie Angel tutorial. So very happy with the end result!

crochet covered hangers. SugarBeans.org

I have already gifted a couple to a friend for her birthday, and I made a bunch more for the upcoming gift-giving season. These hangers come together quickly and are so very vintage feeling. 

Crochet covered hangers. SugarBeans.org

These hangers are not easy to find, so if you're ever thrifting and come across a few, grab them quick! I ordered mine through Amazon and the tutorial from Dottie Angel fit these hangers perfectly!

Sticks + Poms {Quick Gifts}

With all of the leaves falling, branches become bare and are often piled in the yard--a menace for the lawn mower. This quick project will help clear up the sticks, save the mower blade and bless a friend with a cute Fall-ish bouquet of Poms. 

Poms + sticks for a quick Fall bouquet. SugarBeans.org

Super quick and oh, so satisfying. I made my poms using the width of my four fingers, wrapping about 80 times; I wanted them nice and puffy. After trimming the poms, I felt for the loop that keeps all the yarn bits together and simply slid one end of the stick gently through the loop, making sure the tip of the stick didn't pop through the pom. Voila. Bunch up a few at a time and you have a handmade gift for a Dearie. 

{NEW} Tic Tac Toe Kit Bags

When my children were young, I loved having little bags of goodies + games to bring into restaurants, stores or friends homes to keep their little minds and hands occupied. This is still true as they get older, and I have found that adding a small treat makes the game last longer. I made a couple of Tic Tac Toe Bags this week from some favorite vintage fabrics to hold all the materials needed for a little game time on-the-go.

Tic Tac Toe Kits. SugarBeans.org

Game Kits Include:

  1. Lined drawstring bag with ribbon pulls
  2. Tic Tac Toe game board
  3. Ten crocheted game piece in 2 colors
Handmade Tic Tac Toe kit. SugarBeans.org

There are two variations: one in a vintage yellow bag with purple + mint green markers; another in a brown drawstring bag with blue and gray markers. 

Tic tac toe and handmade drawstring bag. SugarBeans.org

Such a fun little bag to have on hand for busy minds. I have added these lovely kits complete and ready to ship in my Etsy shop. Great for any age and all occasions. 

We love to play games in our home. What are some of your favorite games??

Thrifted Duvet + Vintage Pattern Dress {Sewing for Me}

Thrifted Duvet + Vintage Pattern Dress {Sewing for Me}

While sorting through some vintage patterns, I found one that would be perfect for Fall with boots and a cardigan. After finding the right fabric { a thrifted full-sized duvet cover} I began to assemble all of the materials needed to make a new frock. I am very pleased with the final product and it only seems fitting that it should be worn on October 1.

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