Two-Sided Headband {gift it}

My college girl is coming home for a week; and with this beloved return of our eldest, I conjure up sweet surprises waiting on her bed to bless her and make her smile. This week, I made a few two-sided headbands for some of my college Dearies. 

Two sided headbands.

I used the Women's Headband tutorial at Alice & Lois for these cuties. 

two sided headbands2.jpg

Hoping that your week is filled with plenty of memory making with loved ones, surrounded by delicious food and blessed traditions.

Gift Kits {College bound}

On a recent visit home, my daughter mentioned that her dorm mates swapped names to participate in a secret sister game. Each gal gets a name and leaves encouraging notes or small gifts while keeping their identities a secret. She wanted to stock up on some wrapping essentials for small gifts, so I was happy to oblige. 

Gift Kits.

A small mason jar was filled with gifting essentials, and I sewed some quick fabric bags. 

Gift kits.

Inside the jars

  • Bakers twine wrapped on a clothes pin
  • Washi tape
  • Felt bow clips
  • Fabric tape
  • Gift tags
  • Mini notecards
  • Poms 
  • Mini clips
Gift kits.
Gift kits.
Gift Kits.

Looking forward to handing out these gift kits next week. Two of my favorite college girls will be in town, and handing out small bits of happiness just makes my day. Knowing they will be used to bless others is thrilling as well. 

Gift kits.

I have a couple of gift bag kits in my Etsy shop if you're not the sewing kind. Eight bags and tags in a kit. Two styles available. These would make great neighbor, teacher or teen gifts as well. Happy gifting, Friends!

Currently {Bow ties + Baking}

Currently happening in my parts: 

Recent pictures from my Instagram account:

Bow tie making for my boys Homecoming dance. 

Bow tie.

The wonderfully talented, Kate from See Kate Sew has an amazing FREE tutorial on these lovely bow ties. 

My fella + his bow tie.

Baked a favorite cheesecake tart one slow, laid-back Sunday. And it was YUM!

Cheesecake fruit tart.

I found this vintage wooden cribbage board at Goodwill recently. Decided it was time to learn something new. Some of the pieces were missing but Amazon Prime came to the rescue with a $3 peg replacement pack. My Hubs attempted to teach me this complicated card game at 8:30 at night; too late for a new concept. But I look forward to learning this game over the course of the upcoming winter months. 

What's currently happening in your parts??

Faux Antlers {tutorial}

A little while back, my Hubs and I had a leisure weekend at the beach in Michigan. We strolled, ate quiet meals, junk shopped and relaxed. While strolling along the still shore, we spotted numerous limbs of driftwood; these limbs were brought home to remind us of our weekend away, and hopefully incorporate into our home. First project: Faux Antlers. 

faux antlers4.jpg

Supplies: Unfinished wood plaque; $1.50 {w/ coupon at Michaels craft store}
                 Driftwood; FREE {sticks could work as well}
                 Scrapbook paper {already had in craft supplies}
                 Hanging hardward; $1.25 { w/ coupon at Hobby Lobby}
                  Strong Glue; {already had in supplies}

Step 1: Paint edges of wood plaque. 
Step 2: Cut wood ends on an angle for added surface area to glue. 

Step 3: Cut patterned paper to fit top of plaque. 
Step 4: Decoupage paper on plaque, then finish with 3 top coats. Let completely dry; 24 hours is a good rule.
Step 5: Affix driftwood to plaque with a strong adhesive glue. Hold for a few minutes and let dry overnight. 

faux antlers.

In the morning you are ready to add the hanging hardware and enjoy your new plaque. I think mine looks great in our **NEW** living room


Weekend Project {Fireplace make-over}

Last weekend's project is this weekends joy. We have lived in our current home for close to 14 years. In all of that time I have HATED our fireplace. It was dark, had an ugly grate and the mantle was an unsightly wood block cemented to the brick. It appeared that not a lot could be done. But, last weekend the skies parted, the energy and time needed to finish a project opened up and the surprise project became a reality. 

I know: YUCK!

I know: YUCK!

This is what the fireplace looked like after the unsightly black grate and trim was removed. 

And this is what the fireplace looked like after a bucket of white paint was found in the basement {made this project feel like a freebie}! 

Painted fireplace project.

Oh, how I love white! Our entire room seems larger and cleaner. We just cleaned the brick with a vinegar/ water solution. Let it dry and began painting the brick with some white paint from last year's bathroom re-do. 

Painted brick fireplace project.

The gaping hole in the fireplace needed some help. Paper back books. Lots of 'em. Most were on hand, but some came from a quick trip to a thrift store. Cost: $5. 

So, tonight the kids are working on homework, and I am enjoying my NEW living room with a cup of tea and some crochet. Making something old and ugly feel new and beautiful on a budget just fills me to the brim. 

Makes me wonder what other projects could get completed from items already found in our home:)  

Coin Purse {Make + Gift}

A while ago I pinned the cutest coin purse tutorial from Bev over at Flamingo Toes. She always has the best tutorials-- easy to follow instructions and tons of photos; great for the visual learner in me. It took me a while to get the snap enclosures, but once they arrived, I began to sew a passel of cute pouches. 

Coin purse.

My favorite purses are the ones made from my delicious stash of vintage fabrics. How am I to choose which one to keep, and which ones to give away?? 

Coin purse.

This pattern was so easy to follow, and I love the gusseted bottoms. Lots of room to store those lip balms, loose changes and other fun bits. The size was perfect to use up some of my smaller scraps of fabric as well.  

Coin purse.

I even cut into some of my Cath Kidston fabric I purchased in England on our Anniversary trip last spring. 

Coin purse.

So, I figured I might as well use up all of my coin purse appliances and get ready for the gift-giving season. I now have a cute bundle of coin purses to fill with sweet treats for the Holidays. Go to Flamingo Toes and get this amazing FREE pattern. You will love all of Bev's great inspiration!!

Striped Cowl Tutorial {Using up all the bits}

My scrappy yarn stash has grown to the point of needing a project to rid my basket of the smaller balls of yarn. I pulled all of the colored bits into a pile and made this happy striped cowl in no time. 

Striped cowl tutorial.

To start: Chain stitch to the length you desire. {Mine was about 100 chains}. Slip stitch the ends to form a circle. Chain 3. Double stitch in the round. Slip stitch and continue. I continued until the cowl was at a width I desired. 

Striped cowl tutorial.

This cowl was made with only two colors; loved the simplicity. I packed this cowl up in a care package for my daughter along with some other fun bobs to prepare her for the cooler months ahead. 

My sweet middle daughter modeled the finished product. I just love these simple crochet projects// warm, cute and cozy. 

Happy Fall, Dears!

Crochet Days {Beanie + Bows}

I've been coughing, sniffling and more for two weeks. On these kind of days, I find myself reaching for the comfort of my crochet hook and some pretty yarn. I found this great Beanie tutorial and whipped up a load of slouchy beanies for my Teens. 

Slouchy beanie tutorial.

This is the kind of project I will use to make gifts for the upcoming Holiday season. 

In addition to the Beanies, I made a few Bubble Bows I pinned a while ago on Pinterest. Fast + Fun. 

Bubble bows.

Having something fun to show for these sick days is a blessing. 

Have a lovely week! 


Thrifted Trays {Chalkboard paint + gifts}

On a recent trip through a favorite thrift store, my eyes spied a stack of wood trays in good but worn condition. With a great price of only $4, I knew they would be mine to prettify and use as gifts for Dearies. 

Thrifted trays remake.

I took the three trays and spray painted the sides and handles in varying colors. Once the sides were dry, I taped the sides to free up the bottom of the trays for two layers of chalkboard paint. Then the special notes in chalk were ready to be penned. 

The three trays stacked after their colorful transformations. 

The three trays stacked after their colorful transformations. 

The yellow tray was used for a friend's birthday gifts. 

Simple + sweet.

Simple + sweet.

The next tray was used as a Thank You-- it was loaded with tons of pumpkin goodies.

Thank you tray + gifts.
Chalkboard tray + gift.

The pink tray has yet to be given away, but it's ready to spread some cheer the moment an occasion arises. This tray will be a perfect addition to our Gift Closet. Meaningful + Handmade gifts don't have to cost a fortune to be thoughtful. Sometimes simple is best. 

Do any of you have a closet where you keep small gifts handy?? 

If so, what are some small gifts you include in your stash??

A little shop update {Fall faves}

It's getting cooler, and that means warm drinks, leaves falling and cozier evenings bundled up with a good book and a loved one {or two}. There are a few new Fall items in the Shop; come take a peek. 

Oh, I'm so in love with these vintage funky florals!

And the crocheted trim in cotton yarn makes for easy cleaning.

Lap blankets, tags and more over at SewSugarBeans shop at Etsy. Happy Fall, Friends! 

Crochet-Trim Blankets

I am finding ways to incorporate two of my favorite mediums into projects: crochet + fabric {especially vintage linens}. Last week I sewed a couple of lap-sized blankets and added coordinating crochet trim. Mmmm, in LOVE with the results!

Crochet-trim blankets.

The fabric was cut to about 30" X 35", sewn, turned out, and topstitched around the perimeter. Then the work of adding the yarn began. So many fun trim options are available; I chose the simple, but adorable scallop. 

Materials: Cotton fabric, coordinating flannel and cotton yarn. 

Materials: Cotton fabric, coordinating flannel and cotton yarn. 

One side is cozy flannel, and the other side is a vibrant cotton floral. This would be perfect as a baby blanket or a lap quilt for a Sweet Special. 

The cotton yarn trim means washing is a cinch. 

The cotton yarn trim means washing is a cinch.

And because I couldn't make JUST one, I used a favorite funky vintage sheet to make a second blanket.

Such a fun and satisfying project. Just in time for the cooler weather!

What are some combinations you love to work with??

Homemade Business Cards

My Sweet Hubs designed my blog and graphics. He's handy like that. After a few attempts at figuring out what I like and what works, we found {finally} something that pleases us both. He took this design and made some lovely business cards for me!!

Handmade Business cards.

I have a strong affinity for State Shapes; there have been a few state silhouette projects done on this blog {here, here, & here}. So, I skirted the traditional rectangle and opted for my current state of residence: Indiana. 

We used the Silhouette machine to cut the cards in the state shape. Pretty inexpensive too; $4 for quality card stock. So fun to work with my Hubs on this project! 

$5 Chair {Makeover}

Last week on a quick trip to a Goodwill I spotted a ragged wood chair with some sweet curves. I sat in it. I walked around thinking and waiting for my brain to remind myself that a chair was not on my seek-and-find mission that day. However, as I circled back to the furniture area, the $5 price tag sealed the deal. I brought her home for a little face-lift. 

There was a lot of wear, some paint splotches and grime. But after a cleaning, some paint and a little sand paper, she was transformed. 

Paint a chair for a face lift.

Paint color: Misty Teal by Benjamin Moore

Gentle sanding for a distressed look.

Once the chair dried from 2 coats of paint, I used a fine sandpaper to distress some edges and curves. 

This paint went on so smoothly and covered well. There was enough left in my quart, that I painted an unfinished bench that has been in my basement for over 10 years. I like when one project leads to the completion of another, don't you??

Recent Thrifty Finds {& switching things up}

My thrifting trips have been few and far between lately; life and changes have taken a toll on my little hobby. But I recently picked up a few fun items with a new thrifting buddy {always fun to find a sister that enjoys pawing through the aisles of Goodwill}. 

The blue typewriter was hidden in a case that I almost passed over. 

The blue typewriter was hidden in a case that I almost passed over. 

Thrifty Finds:
1. Blue Typewriter w/ case $9
2. Minnesota tin tray .99
3. Milk glass .50
4. Yellow bowls & plates .49 each
5. Straw bag $1
6. Vintage Sheets $1.50
7. Vintage vanity mirror $2

I've been shopping my home to switch things up. I gather items from various rooms and re-use the items in another room. Feels like newness without the expense. 

I'm seeing some future gifts and projects in the making.

My eyes always seen to wander to the aged and vintage-y goods while thrifting. What does your eye seek while shopping/ thrifting??